No Proven Track Record


How can fund managers inspire confidence with investors?

  • To grow FUM and reach scale, managers must convince investors that their capital is in safe hands. This is tough without a proven track record.
  • Moreover, to receive an AFSL, ASIC requires you to demonstrate experience in the field (to AFSL standard) for at least three of the last five years.
  • Without a proven track record of your own, it is almost impossible for a new fund manager to overcome these hurdles.
  • … and even if you can, the cost of maintaining the governance and compliance structure required can quickly eat away the returns your fund makes

How TIP Trustees can help

TIP Trustees has significant experience establishing and managing funds with a range of investment strategies and risk profiles, giving your investors comfort that whilst your fund is new, it is run by experienced professionals with a strong industry reputation.

TIP Trustees’s connection with TIP gives you access to a network of experienced investors with over 1,500 years of combined experience.

TIP Trustees also has a fullsuite AFSL: which you immediately access upon undertaking our partnership.

Our AFSL, reputation and network provide new fund managers with the credibility and stability that their investors (and our regulators) require.