Teaminvest Private Trustees


We specialise in partnering with boutique and up-and-coming fund managers who need broader access to investment expertise than they can access alone or through traditional services providers.

We provide a full suite of services in exchange for an equity stake in the fund manager, rather than charging monthly fees that erode profitability for both the fund manager and investors as the fund grows.



Experienced in providing trustee and custodial services to retail and wholesale clients.

TIP Trustees provides a full suite of trustee, compliance and funds management services to the following fund styles:

  • Equities (both public and private);
  • Debt (both public and private);
  • Fixed income;
  • Government bonds;
  • Convertible instruments;
  • Private equity and venture capital;
  • Real property (including direct holdings and REITs);
  • Index funds;
  • General Insurance